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Schaeffler expands its portfolio of bearing tools for industrial maintenance

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When used in combination with the mechanical and hydraulic three-arm extractors, the three-piece extraction plate TRI-SECTION-PLATE-xx enables safe, easy, and bearing-friendly dismounting.

2023-12-14 | Birmingham

  • Schaeffler complements its range of industrial maintenance products with a selection of mechanical and hydraulic tools
  • The high quality product portfolio includes self-centring extractors for easy mounting and dismounting of bearings
  • Extraction plates available in various sizes ensure a bearing-friendly grip on the inner ring

Precision, safety and easy operation: Schaeffler ensures optimised mounting and dismounting of bearings courtesy of the BETEX product brand, which has now been included in the range of mechanical and hydraulic bearing tools. With incorrect mounting and dismounting accounting for around 10 to 20 per cent of all bearing failures, the products are applied at precisely the location where the use of the right tool is essential. The BETEX range of dismounting tools belongs to the special tool manufacturer BEGA International B.V., which has been a fully-fledged subsidiary of Schaeffler since July 2021. The products have been under the umbrella of Schaeffler’s strategic Lifetime Solutions business area since October 2023 and are part of the industrial maintenance portfolio.

Dismounting made easy for maintenance personnel

Mechanical self-centering pullers MSP-2/3-120 to MSP-2/3-440 are among the products included in the expanded product range and have the task of ensuring that small to medium-sized bearings, couplings and rings can be removed safely and with ease. The extractors, which are available in six different sizes and for a workpiece outside diameter of up to 440 mm, are highly versatile and can be used as two or three-arm extractors. Hydraulic extractors HSP-43 to HSP-303, which can also be used as two- or three-arm extractors, are suitable for large bearings, couplings and rings with high extraction forces. The dismounting of workpieces up to an outside diameter of 620 mm is possible courtesy of six different extractor sizes with a maximum extraction force of 294 kN.

Both the mechanical and hydraulic extractors of series MSP, HSP and HXP have a self-centring function to enable easy and safe positioning on the workpiece. The uniform inward and outward adjustment of the arms makes the extractors easy to use, and the adjustment mechanism in the form of a thread ensures that the arms are securely seated on the workpiece and cannot become detached. “With the inclusion of self-centring extractors in the expanded product portfolio, we are creating the basis for smart and accelerated handling in the dismounting of rolling bearings, couplings and other components. A further advantage is the ergonomic design, which allows maintenance personnel to operate the extractors single-handedly,” says Oliver Massa, Director of Sales & Partner Management for Smart Maintenance Tools at Schaeffler.

Gentle dismounting of bearings and inner rings

The three-piece extraction plate TRI-SECTION-PLATE-xx provides a gentler means of dismounting rolling bearings, bearing inner rings and other components. In order to avoid damage to the bearings during dismounting, the plates engage with the inner ring of the rolling bearing and prevent the extraction force from being introduced over the rolling bearings. The three-piece extraction plate, available in four different sizes, can be used for shaft diameters from 26 mm to 495 mm.

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