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Photovoltaic Plants with Tracking Systems

Photovoltaic panel
Photovoltaic panel
Concentrating photovoltaic system
Concentrating photovoltaic system

Tracking systems for photovoltaic plants considerably increase the efficiency of the process of collecting the sun's energy. In conventional widths, photovoltaic plants with tracking systems facilitate an increase in performance of up to 40% compared with static units. Movable units, however, can generate maintenance work that can reduce the cost-efficiency of a project.

The basic principle of high reliability at low costs therefore applies.

High pricing pressure demands cost-effective solutions from high volume production, for example. Our AXS series angular contact roller bearings, which are manufactured using forming methods, can be integrated into existing and new designs and facilitate compact bearing supports that are lubricated for life. Maintenance-free INA metal-polymer composite plain bearings with favorable emergency running characteristics are another cost-effective example.

Photovoltaic concentrator power plants focus the sun's rays on highly-efficient multiple solar cells and, as is the case with solar thermal plants, require very precise tracking systems. For example, compact worm gears are used to adjust the position of the plant to an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter. Schaeffler engineers consider this unit as a system and select the optimum bearing while considering all operating conditions using Bearinx®, a calculation program developed in-house.


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