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FAG Main spindle bearings

X-life ultra in motor spindles

What is X-life?

Ultimate bearing know-how, combined with excellent materials

  • Constant super performance – X times longer life
  • Excellent high performance steel (Cronidur 30)
  • Ceramic rolling elements, special lubricants
  • Reduced system costs thanks to high quality bearing solutions


High performance motorspindle with X-Life ultra bearing

  • Power: 20 kW
  • Speed: 16.000 rpm
  • Spindles, ball screws and nut assemblies and indexing tables in machine tools

    • Milling machines, turning machines
    • Grinding machines, boring mills
    • Machining centres
    • Ball screw and nut assemblies

  • Applications in the aerospace industry
  • High tech automotive applications


Hybrid bearings with ceramic rolling elements and rings made of high performance stell Cronidur 30:

  • Finer microstructure for increased fatigue life
  • Excellent behaviour under mixed friction conditions
  • Higher Hertzian contact pressure permissible for speeds which are up to 30 % higher than with coventional hybrid bearings

Alloying components

Material C N Si Cr Mo
100Cr6 1,00 - 0,25 1,45 -
Cronidur 30 0,31 0,38 0,55 15,2 1,02
440C 1,08 - 0,40 17,0 0,52

Alloying components

Material Hardness Usual opt. temp range Bending fatigue strength Fracture elongation
Length Diameter
[HRC] [°F] [PSI] [%]
100Cr6 >58 482 15.950.000 1,0 0,3
Cronidur 30 >58 734 22.330.000 3,0 2,0
440C >58 482 58 0,2  


  • Extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for high temperatures
  • Higher Hertzian contact pressure values pemissible
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Increased grease service life and bearing life
  • Reduced wear

Customer benefits

  • FAG X-life ultra bearings for highest speeds and Hertzian pressures
  • Options for smaller bearing sizesmachines can be downsized
  • Oil lubrication can be replaced by grease lubrication
  • Available in all series and designs (open / sealed / as DIRECT LUBE bearing)
  • Less machine downtimes due to longer bearing life
  • Reduced system costs

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